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Brandon’s Marathon

November 6, 2022

Hi there, my name is Brandon. I am a former junior hockey player who has experienced multiple concussions. I sustained my most severe concussion in January 2019. This concussion resulted from a hit in a Junior B hockey game, and at the time I did not realize I had a concussion. Symptoms started to be noticeable one week after the hit and progressed for the next month. After two months of some concussion rehabilitation I was starting to feel better and was eager to return to sport and normal everyday activities. It was in July 2019 that I learned I returned too soon. After receiving a small bump in a pickup hockey game, my symptoms slowly started to come back. During the course of the summer, I tried to ignore the symptoms thinking they would go away after a month. However, these symptoms persisted and progressively got worse. In October 2019, the symptoms were so severe that I made the decision to pause my post-secondary education and start weekly treatments for my concussion. This was a dark and lonely time with no end in sight. I was not sure if I would ever recover as concussions do not have a timeline. I am fortunate that my concussion rehabilitation was successful and that I am now fully healed. My rehabilitation is largely due to treatment I received at Shift Concussion Clinic and the access to resources such as the Stopconcussions Foundation. Now that I am healed, my goal is to help spread awareness on concussions and preventative measures that can be implemented to prevent a concussion. My goal is not to change the game of hockey or any other contact sports. I among many others enjoy the nature of the game and would like to see the physicality continue to be part of it. Therefore, my goal is to educate athletes on preventive measures regarding a concussion, as well the correct steps to take after receiving a concussion. If I had the knowledge on concussions that I do now when I initially got one, I would have healed in a much shorter time frame. Joining the Stopconcussions Foundation will help me contribute to the foundation’s goal of changing the mindset of athletes, not the game

Brandon is running for Stop Concussions !  Please support him in his run at this years’ Hamilton Marathon!

My name is Brandon and I will be running the Hamilton Marathon on November 6th, 2022. Growing up I was highly active and played competitive hockey. I continued pursuing my passion for the game in University where I went on to play Junior B hockey for the St. Thomas Stars.

My time with the St. Thomas Stars was cut short. In January 2019, I sustained a hit and went directly into the boards while skating quickly up the ice. Initially, the hit only raised concerns in relation to my shoulder. Without serious concern, I returned to the game. It wasn’t until three days later that I began to feel concussion symptoms. I have suffered two concussions prior, but this one was different. I was sensitive to light. My balance was off. I had convinced myself that the symptoms would only last a week and slowly diminish day by day.

Fast forward months down the road as the symptoms persisted. I tried to block them out and continue with my normal routine until it became unbearable. My academic studies came to a pause when I decided it was time to move home and seek treatment. I was recommended to Shift Concussion Management in Guelph, Ontario to receive treatment. This is where I learned that I was suffering from post-concussion syndrome and that my vestibular system was all out of sorts. Hearing that my life as I knew it had to come to a complete and utter standstill was a tough pill to swallow for the active and energetic kid that I was. Rigid guidelines were put in place to kick off this long, slow, and frankly, agonizing recovery.

The first month of this process was extremely difficult. No phone, computers, television, exercise, going out, or playing the guitar. My only form of entertaining pastimes included podcasts, and even that was limited. This was an extremely tough time in my life, and I had hit an all-time low. As time passed, I began to notice minor improvements, bringing me to the next phase of the recovery process – reintroducing physical activity. A common component of concussion treatment is known as the “Buffalo Treadmill Test,” where one gradually increases treadmill speed and heart rate up until the point at which the onset of symptoms begins. Much like training for a marathon, my rehabilitation experience was nothing short of a mental battle. It was at this point that I fell in love with running and told myself that when I recover, I will run a Marathon.

Three years later, I am fully recovered and preparing for my third marathon with the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I am extremely grateful for Shift Concussion Management. Without their team, specifically Scott Haller and Joe Pendleton, I would not be where I am today. I would also like to thank Kerry Goulet, the founder of Stop Concussions, who was always there to speak to me during my most difficult times.

I am now fundraising for the organization that helped me and continues to help many other athletes affected by concussions. I ask kindly that you can contribute any amount that you feel comfortable with to this great organization.

Thank you,

Brandon Cooper


Fundraiser Page:  DONATE HERE



November 6, 2022


Stop Concussions Foundation
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