StopConcussions, the Canadian/American Spinal Research Organization and our Shoot For A Cure Campaign are pleased to add our new initiative on mental health – CONNECTED. We will begin to educate everyone on mental health. We will try to put to rest the myths of mental health.

To date, no “standard of practice” is consistently applied to prevent serious injury in sports. It is our goal to change this, as increased awareness and prevention instruction is a must – especially in athletics that have a higher frequency of serious injury. For several reasons we have included our Mental Health Initiative and Mental Training. StopConcussions is a not for profit organization in Ontario and are unable to provide tax receipts for income tax purposes.

The good news: We are gaining momentum.

Over the years, we have been proactive through seminars, events, presentations, forums and handouts and have created a network of practitioners, stakeholders and likeminded organizations. Across the globe, we are having meaningful, discussions with professional sports players of all ages, their families, coaches and organizations about avoiding, assessing, and eliminating concussions from our sports.

Your donation will help us create a true prevention platform.

Concussions are an ongoing issue, and we have to be diligent ambassadors in order to change the mindset around the world. Together with the Shoot for a Cure platform, we can not only help with preventing injury, but also with research and awareness.

Thanks to your contribution, serious injuries can and will be prevented.

(Stop Concussions receives 50% of
Shoot for a Cure donations)


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About Us

StopConcussions is a non-profit company, that aims to bring players, parents, coaches and officials information on brain concussions and their consequences in contact sports.

This website is here to help educate and are not intended to replace medical care and/or professional supervision. There is no substitute for a competent neurologist, physician, health professional or clinician when it comes to diagnosing and managing concussions. What StopConcussions offers is an insight into the nature of a brain injury. It is a guide to help you understand the cause, effects and consequences of concussions as well as how you can help reduce the incidences of the injury, manage the injury better and be able to ask all the right questions when dealing with a concussed individual.

The brain is complex, and each injury is personalized. Not only is every brain different, so is every concussion, and the therapy must be tailored to each individual. With this said, only a physician or qualified healthcare professional who has been educated in concussions can recommend a treatment and rehabilitation program. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a specific injury, contact your physician immediately.

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