Tool Box

toni.miil69 Blog has created a tool box to  help deal with the prevention, detection and management of concussions.

When you want to build a house, you need the  proper tools to make the job easier and more effective.  knows this all too well and that is why we have formed alliances with the top
North American physicians, researchers, players, manufacturers and applications  to allow us to armed against concussions. There is a need for several tools to  be able to effectively make a difference in our battle against these types of  brain injuries.

Consider this toolbox as a “one stop shop” where people directly involved in sport and looking for items various concussion education, prevention and management tools can go to for information on different products and programs available to help them learn about and manage this complex injury.

One of our feature tools is the Battle Sports Science Impact Indicator:

The Impact Indicator takes sports safety to an historic new level. Small in size but big in benefit, it measures the force and duration of a hit to a player’s helmet. Instantly, players and coaches can know when or if a possible head injury is detected. Once alerted, a coach can get the player to the sideline for evaluation maximizing treatment, recovery and preventing further injury.

On every play, in every game and in every practice, the Impact Indicator will be there to measure the force of a hit to help identify possible head injury.  Watch Video [click here].

You can’t know just by looking. Not every concussion causes a player to lose his or her ability to walk, talk or answer a question. It’s common too, for players to hide concussion symptoms to keep playing.