TIPS Manual

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The TIPS Manual is a multi-purpose booklet that will help prepare for practices and games, while providing an understanding of the importance to educate oneself on concussion symptoms.  It is imperative that coaches, trainers, and players understand the effect of injury, and it should be the coach’s duty to act appropriately as a leader.  This manual is a guide to provide information, to allow you as a coach, to be aware of the signs and symptoms in your players to inform the trainer and/or parent.  In addition, the overall TIPS program is designed to make practices fun and interactive, while enhancing player skill development, and teach the important principles for safe hockey.

The Injury Prevention Skills Manual – Hockey specific

We have customized our manual into core modules.  We have categorized the game into three key skill learning modules.  These modules are designed to enhance skill and simultaneously teach safe hockey fundamentals.  Injuries are an inherent risk in all sports, but by following these basic principles, you will be able to better prepare your players and create a safer environment on the ice.


Great skating skills will not only make your players better, but can also help them keep safer on the ice.  Great technique, combined with strong legs and core area, will enable your players to react and respond to unsuspected contact.


Increased awareness skills on the ice will benefit your players’ performance, as well as, help to reduce their risk of injury.  Strong awareness skills allow your players to know where teammates, opponents and obstacles are on the ice, and will aid in helping players stay away from high risk areas or situations.

Risk Management

Risk management will enhance your players’ understanding of the various risks on the ice and help them to make smart decisions.  This component involves simulating game-like conditions so they can learn to safely and effectively adapt to potentially dangerous situations.

Sample Drill:

Skating-Chariot Race Relay


To teach players proper body position, skating posture, stance and stride mechanics in order to improve their skating skills as a whole.


The team gets divided into three groups who pair up with another player in their group and line up on the goal line.  Player 1 skates into neutral zone while pulling player 2 by their sticks in the “chariot”.  The players perform tight turns around cones set up in the neutral zone.  Player 1 continues pulley player 2 to the opposite goal line where they tight turn and skate straight back to their line while still pulling their partner in order to tags their next team pair.  The second time through the line-up players switch between pulling and being pulled.  For increased difficulty, players can add resistance by kneeling on one knee, two knees or lying flat on stomach.  Additional cones can be added to change up the path the players must take.

Teach Your Players

  • keep a low body position for increased powers
  • keep feet moving
  • work on proper skating technique

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