The World Cup Show Beyond the Cheers with Kerrie Hopkins

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The World Cup is more than just a sporting event. Even those of us with limited knowledge of the game can get into the spirit of the finals. What’s not to love about the drama, the action and the spectacle of watching players from around the world compete and interact?

There have been 19 World Cup tournaments since 1930, but this may be the first one you’ve paid attention to. Perhaps your Twitter feed has been clogged with hashtags of the #Azzurri, #friendlies or #Sepp Blatter. Maybe you and your friends have been meeting at the local brew pub to argue, with mock aggression, about men named Landon Donovan or Clint Dempsey, or you may have bantered about dirty dealings and politics within the organization named FIFA.

The truth is, you need not have known about any of these things to have enjoyed the games featuring some of the world’s best athletes. After all, it is called the World Cup, and it is, in fact, a huge part of the professional sports world.

The World Cup is the top tournament in the game of soccer, also referred to as football, that includes 32 national teams.

In order to qualify to play, national teams compete in qualifying matches according to their FIFA confederations, of which there are six. Confederations are basically continents in the soccer world (North America, Europe etc.). The qualifying matches occur over a period of three years following the previous World Cup. This year 207 teams competed for a chance to play at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Have you ever wondered what goes on between players off the field and beyond the game? With so many athletes from so many countries, there’s always a spark of curiosity amongst fans. We’ll be taking a closer look at how players get along as teammates and individuals outside of their practices and games.

Kerrie Hopkins of Namezook will join us to discuss the coaching skills and methods of coaching based on the science of ononmology, which provides insights into the character and behavior of a person from his or her name. We’ll be talking about the teams that entered the semifinals, as well as players like Luis Suarez (The Cannibal), Neymar, Messi and others.

Kerrie is a personality profile expert who consults coaches and athletes in 5 continents on camaraderie and communication and has appeared on Fox Friends, Good Morning America and the Today show.

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