The Culture of Injuries Plaguing Sports

Dave.Ferguson Dave Ferguson

Professional athletes have been known to play with collapsed lungs, broken legs, concussions and countless numbers of other injuries. Some have fought with team doctors following an incident to get back into the game without delay. Players have even been known to deceive coaches and trainers on the sidelines when they are injured just to get back to playing–many, well before they should.

It is no surprise that athletes are hurting themselves in a professional sport system that appears to turn a blind eye for the sake of big money.

Teams are reluctant to keep their star players out of play for a length of time as this may hamper a playoff run, standings in the league or financial gain. Even those that seek medical intervention and treatment, in some cases, return to play without sufficient recovery to do their job. There have been reports of athletes who continue to play with diagnosed problems in the groin, when in actuality, their hip needed to be replaced.

Pro athletes remain in denial to the reality of their own physical injuries and the long term potential effects towards their overall health. This not just happens in pro football, it bleeds into the very fabric of youth sports.

The culture of youth sports is heavily influenced by what happens in high school, College, University and Pro levels of sport. Behavioral traits of playing injured can begin at a young age and follow our youth throughout their athletic endeavours.

A movement is growing across the North America to protect young football players. Football is not the only contact sport where athletes need better protection. Visionary California State Assemblyman, Ken Cooley  just proposed a law, passed by both houses, that will limit high school and middle school football practice time.

No full-contact drills will be permitted in the off-season and they will be further limited during the playing season.

Nineteen states have passed similar legislation to minimize injuries to athletes and several other state laws are pending.

Some people have even forecasted the eventual death of football if the lawsuits, concussions and life altering injuries do not cease. The game itself is not likely to change but in order to save the athletes it has been suggested, by many league officials, that Neurologists have a place on the sidelines of every game for players of all ages.

Dave Ferguson speaks off the cuff with hard hitting conversation about the injury riddled world of sport with a bleeding culture that permeates youth sports.

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