Teen defies odds, takes amazing graduation walk

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June 11, 2011 (CBS News) Zack Lystedt walked tall at his high school graduation Friday night, taking steps he was told he might never be able to.

 As CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reported on “The Early Show Saturday Edition,” the Seattle-area teen almost died from a concussion he sustained in a school football game five years ago.

He’d been in a wheel chair since then — until last night — when he took the walk of a lifetime.

And now, because of him, 23 states have laws protecting high school athletes from head injuries.

Blackstone explains that, when Lystedt was 13, he took a blow to the head while making a tackle. He was dazed but kept playing – then collapsed.

“I was begging God to keep him alive,” Zack’s father, Victor Lystedt, recalls.
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