Suffering only concussion, Yankees’ Chris Dickerson counts his blessings

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By Marc Carig/The Star-Ledger

BALTIMORE β€” Patient No. 176335 came walking into the Yankees clubhouse tonight feeling lucky. Never mind the mark on the side of his face near his left eye, or the thin cut across his forehead, or the splitting headaches he had dealt with all day.

After seeing the replay of the Mike Gonzalez fastball that left his batting helmet in two pieces Wednesday night, Chris Dickerson counted his blessings, having suffered a concussion but nothing more.

β€œIt could have been so much worse,” said Dickerson, who arrived for work still wearing the bracelets he earned for his emergency room visit.

β€œEvery time I look at the replay, if you don’t look down just in time it hits you right in the face, right square in the eye, rather than in the side. I just feel extremely fortunate.”

After taking the fastball off the brim of his helmet in the 15th inning of the Yankees’ 4-1 victory against the Orioles, Dickerson remained on the ground for nearly a minute, then came to his feet and walked toward first base, trying to convince the medical staff he could remain in the game.

He even went so far as to borrow a helmet from Jorge Posada before being removed.
A CT scan ruled out more damage, though Dickerson has a concussion, one of at least two he’s suffered in recent years.

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