says concussions are a very serious problem

toni.miil69 Blog says concussions are a very serious problem
Kimberly Nguyen


If you’re a hockey dad or a soccer mom, you already know the danger kids go through every time they hit the ice or field.

Sports-related concussions are not new, but most of them don’t get checked out once they happen.

A new program launched across the country is aimed to help athletes, parents and coaches deal with these invisible injuries. Director Kerry Goulet says the initial hits aren’t the whole problem.

“It is not all about concussions that is the issue, the issue is bigger than that, the issue is that we’re damaging our brains in all sports, all lifestyles because of the way we’ve been brought up over the years,” explains Goulet.

He is working with former Philadelphia Flyers captain Keith Primeau to launch different programs. The first is called “Play it Cool”- targetting Hockey. This is in light of all head injuries- including Sidney Crosby’s- rising in the NHL. (kn, twd)