StopConcussions Germany

The issue of concussions in sports is something that has to be dealt with all over the world. With, Kerry and Keith hope to bring attention to the topic in Germany, a country in which contact sports such as soccer and ice hockey are of high popularity.


Kerry Goulet


Kerry played ice hockey in Germany professionally for more than 10 years. Throughout that timeframe, he suffered 2 documented concussions, which led to him founding StopConcussions.

Toni Miil

Director of Logistics

Toni has been a member of the team for more than 10 years. As director of logistics, she organizes all StopConcussion events.

Andreas Marlie

Deputy Chairman

Andreas Marlie has been friend and companion of StopConcussions founder Kerry Goulet for more than 23 years. Through the years, they have launched many charitable projects together.

Ian Wood

Operations Manager

Ian was a longtime professional hockey player at international level, with 17 years as a professional in Canada and the 1. Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga in Germany. He knows the long-term consequences and difficulties people have with multiple concussions firsthand.

Susanne Mente


Susanne Mente, active member of the team since 2014, is responsible for finance, administration and members of the general office area.

David Dale

Medical Department

Dave Dale, a former British military officer and past physiotherapist at the Hannover Scorpions in the DEL. During this time he acquired the necessary knowledge in the fields of concussions. He is a specialist in SHIFT – Concussions Management Program.

Stefanie Heid

Donations & Memberships

As the wife of Chris Heid Stefanie has experienced first hand, what traumatic episodes a concussion can not only have the injured themselves but also for its environment. Stefanie will assist particularly by networking of their time as a player in the field of female recruitment and fundraising!

Chris Heid


Chris has experienced first hand, what traumatic effects a concussion can have for the injured themselves.

Marco Stichnoth