Spygate Scandal: The Story that the NFL Doesn’t Want to Tell

Dave.Ferguson Dave Ferguson

The NFL has long been the number one spectator sport in the United States. Huge stadiums are always filled with adoring and passionate fans. A marketing machine that is second to none keeps on going despite the number of skeletons found in their closets.

Bill Belichick appears to have led the New England Patriots as the result of a high tech Black Ops outfit, which supported many years of fraudulent success. The 2007 Patriots were caught up in a videotaping controversy, dubbed Spygate, where the Patriots were caught capturing signals of defensive coaches on film.

It was discovered that this happened more than once. After an investigation, Patriots head coach Belichick was fined $500,000 by the NFL, which is the maximum fine allowed by the league and the largest ever in the league’s 87-year history.

So, why didn’t the sports media put out a package to the public containing this detailed information? One can choose their own theory and draw their own conclusions.  

The Spygate scandal was every bit as damning to professional sports as the 1919 Black Sox World Series and these individual athletes; Pete Rose, NBA referee Tim Donaghy, runners Ben Johnson and Rosie Ruiz, were to the integrity of their respective sports.

In his book, Spygate: The Untold Story, author Bryan O’Leary examines the history of the scandal’s three most important characters; including one that few NFL experts (even the experts in Boston) had known to have existed.

O’Leary says the league covered up the full extent of the scandal because it feared a fallout from fans, coaches and players, along with potential lawsuits and the undefined damage that three officially tainted Super Bowls could have on the league’s bottom line.

“The NFL isn’t a $9 billion-a-year entity and teams aren’t worth more than a billion dollars each if people knew its games were fraudulent,” O’Leary said. “Why else would the owners all go along in making this go away?”

Did you know that quarterback Tom Brady had a second radio frequency going into his helmet so he could hear from his coaches after the 15-second cutoff? This is what O’Leary’s book appears to prove.

Spygate:The Untold Story covers the incident itself, including little known facts that were quickly swept under the rug by the NFL commissioner’s office.

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