Sports Sense: Benefits of Breakthrough Thinking in Athletics

Dave.Ferguson Dave Ferguson

Hall of Fame baseball player and legendary wordsmith Yogi Berra famously said, “90% of this game is 50% mental.” While this math doesn’t add up, it points to a vital aspect of sports and athletic competition. Although the games we play and watch are visibly physical, the key to success in sports is based on mental preparation and approach.

Whether you are a sports hobbyist or a top professional athlete, the mental component is what differentiates those who are continually frustrated from those who succeed. It almost always determines the outcome between two opponents who are fundamentally, evenly matched.

Gene Jones is a nationally acclaimed thought leader and expert on breakthrough thinking who has created the Triviation® method, a creative protocol for assisting individuals and businesses who wish to achieve breakthroughs that solve problems and overcome challenges. His universal approach is instrumental in analyzing strategies, identifying solutions, and creating successful systems in all arenas of modern life. As a former athlete, Jones often applies his breakthrough formula to the world of sports.

“Breakthrough thinking is an essential element in all sports endeavors”, Jones says. How many times has it been heard that an individual athlete or team just has to “get over the hump” to win a championship, or that one athlete or team has “the mental edge” over another?

“In sports, better mental preparation leads to superior performance and it is just as important as physical preparation,” he adds. “A highly skilled athlete in a poor mental state will underperform his or her capabilities. Likewise, some athletes transcend their own abilities in flashes of greatness that result from ideal emotional and mental states crystallizing at a particular game or moment in time.”

Sustained greatness always requires superior mental strength and the mental edge gained by the use of breakthrough thinking in sports is huge. If you are a professional athlete, it may mean the difference between a struggling career and stardom. It is very often the difference between winning and losing.

Here are the main areas to consider. Evaluate each sport you participate in as a separate entity:


  • Physical Conditioning and Practice
  • Equipment
  • Support Mental Conditioning
  • Weaknesses
  • Strengths
  • Limits


Breakthrough thinking reminds us to hone our minds as diligently as we hone our bodies, to put some extra ‘mental sweat’ into everything we do. Breakthrough ideas can change key strategies, improve performance, and turn underdogs into champions. It is no mistake that the best conditioned, best-rehearsed athletes and teams with the best strategies usually emerge victorious.

In the world of sports and athletic competition, breakthrough thinking can be defined as thinking that facilitates an athlete’s ability to reach new levels of awareness and clarity, which in turn leads to what is called the ‘flow’ state.

Breakthrough thinking is the key for any athlete who wants to ‘turn the corner’ and become more adept at their sport. Whether you compete against others, or merely compete against yourself, achieving a breakthrough means more satisfaction and success.

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