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Respect in Sport

While the term “respect” is generic in all of life’s activities, it can take on a special meaning in sport.  We at believe that respect can be shown in three main ways:

Respect for Yourself

Teach players that they are the master of their own body and mind.  Educate them on the importance to respect themselves enough to know that their safety is the most important concern above everything else.  While some injuries are unavoidable, you need to ensure that players do everything in their power to respect their body, and to protect themselves to stay injury-free.  This begins with teaching them that their health is more important than winning.

Respect for Others

While it is important for players to watch out for their own safety, it is also imperative that you teach your players respect for your opponent’s safety.  Teach them that they can only control their own actions, and that they should respect the safety of those around them.  Teach to them that the objective is not to put other people in danger, and that they should assume their opponents have the same level of respect towards them.  If everyone respects each other’s health and well-being, sport will become much safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Respect for the Game

Playing sports is a privilege that not everyone is able to enjoy.  Your players must realize that respect for the game is an important aspect in order to assure that the individual or the game does not receive a tarnished image.  Sport all levels of competitiveness provides a multitude of benefits for participants, and we want to see these benefits continue for a long time to come.  It is your duty as coaches and trainers help showcase and preserve the respect and integrity of the sport in order not to deter participants, or create a bad image for the game.