Shoot for a Cure

Shoot for a Cure is a fundraising campaign of the Canadian Spinal Research Organization (CSRO), the American Spinal Research Organization (ASRO) and the StopConcussions Foundation, integrating professional and amateur sports/sporting events, corporate sponsorship and community partnerships, which includes other non-profits and non-governmental organizations. Our goal is to raise funds, increase awareness and assist in prevention and cure of neurotrauma injuries. Shoot for a Cure is an international campaign uniting neurotrauma communities around a common cause.

Shoot For A Cure works with the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) and its network of research partners, including the Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Research Network (OSCIRN), to fund research in the fields of spinal cord injury (SCI), secondary complications of SCI, traumatic brain injury, concussion, and acquired brain injury.


The CSRO and ASRO have organized several programs that educate the general public about spinal cord injuries and raise money for spinal cord injury (SCI) research.

One program that the CSRO has been involved in since 2000 is the Shoot For A Cure campaign. Initially involving only the hockey community, Shoot For A Cure has expanded to target the curling, moto-sport, and horse racing industry in order to raise awareness about spinal cord injuries in the general public and raise money for SCI research.

Eric Pelly Sports Education Fund

Eric Pelly was a bright, dedicated and passionate 18 year old when he passed away suddenly on October 10th, 2006 after receiving a concussion while playing in a rugby match during his senior year of high school. The devastation of losing an 18 year old with so much potential is difficult to put into words. One thing we can put into words is the conviction we have to save other people from the potentially deadly affects of concussions. The Eric Pelly Sports Education Fund does not seek to stop people from playing sports but rather to educate them on how to recognize the symptoms of concussions.

Proper treatment, including physical and academic rest, and return to play protocol is vital in the treatment of concussions. If treated properly, the problems usually subside. On the other hand, concussions left untreated, can cascade into much deeper problems. Every concussion is serious and should be treated proactively. All donations to the Eric Pelly Sports Education Fund go towards an Eric Pelly Memorial Scholarship for a graduating senior at North Allegheny High School and also to Concussion Awareness.

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