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2012 marks our program’s 9th Edition with 5 scheduled events taking place in 3 different cities. The very best players in North America will converge to offer an entertaining display of talent.

OneHockey’s claim to fame is that, from the Opening to the Closing Ceremonies, each day, each game, each minute is filled with music, announcements, mascots running in the stands, Tradeshow booth activities, teams dinner and so on.

This is not your typical boring hockey tournament! There is never a dull moment at our events and there’s a very good reason why: Even though the OneHockey Family has seen 10 of its alumni drafted in the NHL, let’s be real and face facts: most of our participants will never play professional hockey. The applause, the energy and the entertainment they will experience with OneHockey will stay with them for life. They will never forget this experience.

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