On The Wings Of A Prayer by Momma Gouche

kerry Kerry Goulet

The Chicago Blackhawks pulled it off once with a 3-1 deficit., but now they are in a real crunch, with the Cup on the line. Not only did they lose 71 percent of the faceoffs, but their power play efforts were non existent..The lack of Marion Hossa on the roster was certainly missed, but only the Great Gretzky was a “one man team”. The game Monday night was all the Boston Bruins and the Bruins made the Hawks look like play ground hopefuls. As a prayer is not likely to help their cause;. the wingers are going to have to take up the cross and play the game we are used to seeing. A loss Wednesday night will likely portent the end of the road for Chicago. My six gsme win for the Hawks looks virtually … Out Of The Question … unless my Hawks can perform another miracle.

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