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Former European hockey player, and Co-founder & Ambassador of the StopConcussions organization, Kerry Goulet now focuses all of his efforts on the education and awareness of concussions and neurotrauma. Through public and keynote speaking, seminars and guest appearances, Kerry speaks to athletes, health professionals, and the general public about safety in contact sports.
Former NHL athlete, Co-founder & Ambassador to StopConcussions and author, Keith Primeau, suffered several concussions during his tenure in major league hockey, which forced him into early retirement. Since retiring, Keith remains close to the NHL, and is extremely involved in
bringing awareness to concussion prevention and management. Through public engagements,
keynote speaking and seminars, Keith educates people on this topic that hits so close to home.
Malcolm Sutherland is the current Director of Athlete & Player Safety for StopConcussions and the Shoot for a Cure campaign. As an athlete and player safety expert, Malcolm speaks about the importance of injury prevention in sport. With extensive experience in concussion prevention protocols, Malcolm has spoken for a number of groups including athletes, coaches, health care professionals, and the general public.
Located in Melbourne, Australia, Natalie Perkins is a Principal Physiotherapist and an expert in
her field who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Anatomy and Exercise Physiology, as well as an Applied Science Degree in Physiotherapy. Natalie is well versed in the effects and management of concussions and has worked with countless individuals who have
experienced all degrees of this serious injury. Natalie speaks about concussion awareness and prevention and has given seminars on this topic to fellow healthcare professionals, as well as athletes.
David Dale, located in Hannover, Germany, is a Physiotherapist who has been working with concussion patients for the past 18 years. Dale is committed to bringing awareness to the seriousness of concussions and helps educate the public on this life altering injury. Dale works with many professional European sports athletes as they work through the various stages of their concussion therapy and treatment. He continues to make it his mission to educate people on this serious nature of this injury, how to prevent it from happening, and how to treat it in the most effective way possible.