Neotrauma on Children

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It is quite easy to understand that brain injuries are among the most tragic invents in the life of a person, much more if that person is still a child. There is no other heart wrenching scene as seeing a young child suffering from traumatic brain injuries, or neotrauma.

According to studies, around 2,500 deaths happen every year in the United States alone due to neotrauma. Among the most common reasons for neotrauma on children are falls, accidents, sports, abuse and violence.


Diagnosing Brain Injury

Diagnosing brain injuries can be exceptionally challenging. While it is difficult to reach accurate diagnosis in teenagers, the difficulty is doubled with children. Neotrauma is sometimes misunderstood by many people. The reason being is because while other symptoms are very obvious, like open wounds and visible injuries after an accident, there are others that are very vague. For instance, a young kid can be injured at a bicycle accident, hitting the head, and neotrauma is not yet outwardly visible at that time.

In many cases, the injury is hard to detect. The victim may initially feel normal, thinking that there are no visible injuries any way. Because of this, it is hard to determine if there is something wrong, most especially with a child who does not know how to communicate yet. Some behaviors which might be noticed right away are becoming disoriented or confused. Very simple things like simple decision making, like choosing who to play with, may be early indicators of this problem.


Symptoms at Hand

At times, major pains may be delayed, until several hours later. One major danger is brain swelling, as it may lead to coma. Severe cases can even lead to death. Because of the fact that a kid’s brain operates quite differently as with that of an adult, diagnosis and treatment has to be dealt with differently and carefully.

Therefore, it is very important not to take head injuries lightly. This problem is quite difficult, and definitely not like any simple problems you face, such as choosing a reliable locksmith service in your area as you get more information here. This is something serious; something that can mean life and death to a young child. Heeding serious warning signs should not be taken for granted. As soon as accident happens, it is best to have the head of the child checked.