Mixed Martial Arts: A knockout of a Sport with Jake Shannon, MMA Expert

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Boxing for youth had mostly been praised for promoting discipline and self-defense for athletes and for decades it was in the spotlight. But now, there’s nothing hotter than the UFC.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that combines all facets of fighting into one and sees grown men fighting until one is knocked out or gives up. Unfortunately with the level of violence MMA includes, we’ve seen many men and women fight and come inches away from serious brain damage.

The numbers of younger men and women training in MMA is growing, well beyond boxing. Regardless, of the intensity and violence of the sport, kids want to portray their heroes that they see in the fighting cage.

The questions remain;

1. How young is too young for a competitor to enter the ring?

2. What risks differ for younger athletes who join boxing at an early age?

Concussion is a hot topic that comes in contact all too often with sports such as boxing, football, hockey and Mixed Martial Arts. Concussion and brain injury prevention and has never been more heatedly discussed.

While global organizations like the UFC claim the world of MMA to be safer than its contemporaries, many individuals still need convincing. The UFC is still pushing for legalization of their sport in the state of New York and the White House is following up on an interesting and successful summit on concussion and youth sports.

Best-selling author, MMA expert and founder of Scientific Wrestling Jake Shannon has been training potential MMA stars with his own breed of wrestling for years, and has a lot to say on safety in sport.

Jake Shannon sheds light on the growing numbers of fighters entering the sport and the cage at an early age. He’ll discuss the good and the bad, along with his Catch-as-Catch-Can method of wrestling.

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