“It is an invisible injury and there is no pill, no band aid and no equipment that will help, only through education can we reduce the incidence of concussions.

-Kerry Goulet

Widely known as ImPACT, is the most widely used computerized concussion evaluation method. It is a scientifically validated testing system that can help to objectively evaluate the concussed athlete’s post-injury condition and track recovery for safe return to play, thus preventing the cumulative effects of concussion, and second impact syndrome.

ImPACT testing was created in a way so that it can be performed by anyone who has been trained in baseline testing methods. This is a valuable component, as you don’t have to be a specialist to administer this test.

ImPACT testing takes only about 30 minutes to complete, and effectively aids the facilitator in testing, measuring and analyzing the athlete so that they can gain valuable information on the athlete’s mental state.

Important features of ImPACT tests:

  • Measures individuals symptoms
  • Tests Verbal and visual memory, and processing speed
  • Reliable reaction time testing
  • Assists in guiding return-to-play decisions
  • Provides reliable information
  • Produces comprehensive, easy to interpret results
  • Results are electronic so they can be easily sent and stored
  • The tests can be administered individually or in groups
  • All tests are compatible with both MACs and PCs.