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We know what you’re thinking. “It doesn’t get any better than that.” And, in most cases you’d be right, but it does get better. Not only do you get to watch the Leafs home opener with a bunch of other Buds fans, take part in some interactive games, you get to help us out too.

You see, The Right Wing and have come together to help raise awareness of concussions in sport. Concussions affect athletes at all levels of sports and our mandate at is to help educate parents, coaches, trainers, officials and you on the cause, effect and treatment of concussions.

Come join us March 24th starting at 5:00 pm, throughout the night, at The Right Wing Sports Pub located at 2497 Yonge Street. (just north of Eglinton)

Oh yeah, and if all that isn’t enticing enough, rumor has it that there are going to be some Leafs alumni to bump elbows with.