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Keith Primeau, former Philadelphia Flyers captain and co-founder of stopconcussions.com applauds the efforts of Source For Sports® stores across Canada who are hosting Helmet Fitting Week from September 26th to October 2nd.  All hockey players are encouraged to bring their helmet to their local Source For Sports® store, no matter where they purchased it, for inspection and fitting assessment in the Head Zone.

The HeadZone was created by stopconcussions.com to create meeting points throughout North America. With our partnership with Source For Sports in Canada, we will be able to distribute our awareness campaign to the masses about the various issues surrounding concussions in sports. People can visit our HeadZone in well over 150 Source For Sports stores or visit one of our many traveling kiosk booths across North America to gain information on what concussions are, sign and symptoms,  return to play guidelines, where to seek proper medical attention, or just to chat with knowledgable staff on the issue.

The HeadZone area also serves as an area where players and parents can visit to get helmets fitted properly and receive advice on playing safe. While no protective equipment can prevent 100% of injuries, a properly fitted helmet can help to reduce lacerations to the head, as well as other catastrophic injuries to the brain and skull. The employees at Source For Sports are properly trained to fit helmets so that they will protect you to their full potential while you’re playing the game you love!

The HeadZone will also be hitting the road across the country- visiting rinks and fields, multiple tournaments and various other events to educate people on concussions and safe play tips. You will be able to come out and chat with people who have experienced first hand the devastating effects of concussions, and who are on a mission to help young players, play safer.

Helmet Fitting Tips

1. The best helmet for you is the one that fits the best

2. The helmet should fit snug around your head

3. You should have one finger-width between your eyebrows and the helmet

4. The chin strap should always be done up

5. The chin cup should fit snug directly on your chin

6. The helmet J clips should be properly aligned with the face mask to hold it in place to absorb any impact the face-mask may take

7. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions

  • must be CSA approved
  • do not use hand-me-down helmets
  • never paint the helmet