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Guelph: April 28, 2011
Guelph Minor Hockey Association becomes the first minor hockey organization in Canada to mandate concussion testing and management for house league and rep teams.

Guelph Minor Hockey Association has teamed up with Clinical Medicine Research Group Ltd (CMRG) to be the first minor hockey program in the country to mandate a concussion management program, including neurocognitive baseline testing, for all house league and rep teams of contact age for the 2011 – 2012 season.

Paul Schafer, President of GMHA “I feel a degree of comfort knowing that our children and our organization will be better prepared for concussions and proper concussion management. The safety of our players will continue to be our priority, and with the help of CMRG and our participating medical advisors and clinics, we will be better equipped to ensure that safety”.

Johnny Chehade, a director with CMRG stated, “We commend the GMHA for leading the nation and establishing a mandatory concussion management program for house league and rep teams for the 2011/12 season. This program will ensure the players and parents have the most up to date information about concussions and proper concussion management.”

The program includes a four step process for proper concussion management including:

Step 1) Education and information on concussions and concussion management provided to players, parents, coaches, officials and medical staff.

Step 2) Neurocognitive testing which includes a baseline test completed at the start of the season. CMRG utilizes the ImPACT software program, which is the same one used by the NHL.

Step 3) Proper Medical Management of a concussed athlete. A number of medical professionals within the city of Guelph have been trained in the management of concussions and CMRG will be running education programs in the Guelph area for healthcare providers who are interested in becoming trained in proper concussion management.

Step 4) Research conducted throughout the season on GMHA member teams in order to better understand concussion and concussion management.

About GMHA:

From a humble start in the 1930’s Guelph Minor Hockey has continued to grow in the City of Guelph. In 2009 there were close to 2000 youth in the City of Guelph playing on one of over 100 House League, or Representative teams.

GMHA 100 Crimea street, Unit C11 Guelph, Ontario N1H 2Y6 519-824-5910

About CMRG Ltd.:

CMRG Ltd. is a London Ontario based company that has been providing their Concussion Management Program ( across Canada for the past 5 years. Their clients include many hockey, soccer and football organization, private school athletic programs, the Canadian ski, snowboard and freestyle teams and all CFL teams.
For more information please contact:
ph: 519-963-1213

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