Ex-hockey stars raise concussion awareness

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Laura Pederson – Edmonton Sun

Two former hockey stars have teamed up and formed an organization aimed to help parents, players, and coaches better understand and diagnose sports-related concussions.

Keith Primeau, who played 15 seasons in the NHL, and Kerry Goulet, a star in the European hockey circuit, started stopconcussions.com hoping to educate the public about the dangers of sports-related head injuries.

“This is an issue that’s much bigger then what we know, we’re all learning as we go along here about the cause, effect, and consequences,” Goulet said.

The website provides information about the dangers of concussions, an epidemic that Goulet says has the potential be the death of some sports.

“We play sport to better ourselves, we play sport to become healthier,” Goulet said, “not to put us in danger.”

Teaming up with SportSafety Labs, the organization released an iPhone app that helps parents and coaches identify and diagnose concussions, so that the athlete can be taken out of play and treated before any additional damage occurs.

Goulet hopes that with new initiatives like the iPhone app, coaches and parents can reduce the number and severity of head injuries in sports across the board.

“There is no differentiation between age, gender, skill level (or) sport … when it comes to concussions,” Goulet said.