Education on Concussions

StopConcussions is meant to be an informative and educational platform. In order to live up to this expectation, we have consulted professionals and asked them to share their thoughts and elaborate on the topic, the results of which you can find on this page or in our book.

Although we do our best to keep our site up to date, knowledge in the field of concussions is growing rapidly and all data is subject to change without notice. If you or someone you know have suffered or suspect a concussion, we advise you to seek professional advice. If you need help locating a doctor or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

All our topics at a glance:

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    What is a Concussion?

    Concussions are a very complex injury, that is often difficult to diagnose. more info

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    Diagnosing a concussion

    Concussions are hard to recognize because there is no visible injury to the structure of the brain. more info

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    Concussion Recovery

    Complete rest is the first step to recovering from a concussion. more info

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    Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion

    There is a long list of symptoms associated with concussion more info

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    Communication with doctors and teachers is one of the most important factors when recovering from a concussion. more info

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    Neurocognitive Testing

    Neurocognitive testing is a way to measure brain function non invasively. more info

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    Second Impact Syndrome

    This syndrome is a rare fatal condition, that develops as a result of two seperate events. more info

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    Helmet Fitting

    A helmet is the most important piece of protective gear you need for your sport. more info

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    Preventing Concussions

    We are pleased to provide your hockey organization, team and player our 3-part injury prevention educational system. more info

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    StopConcussions works with various organizaions, in order to fund research in the field. more info

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    Rowan's Law

    Rowan’s law is an initiative, that supported by StopConcussions, helped make a change. more info