Education is Key

toni.miil69 Blog and have joined forces to help spread  awareness about concussions. Coaching is a key component in the battle of concussions. will educate coaches throughout North America
through and give valuable tips and drills to make hockey a safer  game. has been stressing the need for education throughout  sport for over a year now. The GTHL has been the first organization to have a concussion protocol put in place to help educate coaches and trainers. presented to all their coaches and trainers in a classroom environment. Next year there are plans to expand that to the parents.

In the United States, according to Dr. Mark Halstead (team physician for the St. Louis Rams and the concussion consultant for the St. Louis Blues), and many other top doctors believe that mandatory education combined with supplemental instruction is the biggest key to reducing the incidences of concussions.

“The biggest things we can do with concussions are to better recognize the signs and symptoms, and discuss
appropriate ways to deal with them after a concussion occurs,”
said Halstead, Director of the Sports Concussion Program at Washington University. “As long as we can continue to educate people at all levels—parents, coaches, athletes, teachers, athletic directors, etc., we will be able to make a difference.”

[quote]This is so true, “Concussions and head injuries do not differentiate between sport, age, gender or skill level.
There is no pill, there is no band-aid, nor equipment to date to solve this issue, it is only through education and that is why Keith and I developed the site. We help educate, inform and manage concussions and if we do not have
an answer, we will get the answer. We are here 24-7 to help reduce the incidences of concussions and most important, to help manage them. Also very important to note, concussion research is ever changing so a short video at the
beginning of the hockey career is not enough, we have to be diligent throughout the season!”
Kerry Goulet,
co-founder of[/quote]

[quote]“Although our mission is to stop concussions, unfortunately they will still occur.  Education is an important part to the prevention and baseline testing is an essential ingredient in properly managing a concussion.  Without a baseline, it is very challenging for medical experts to know when the concussed athlete is back to ‘normal’.  You wouldn’t step on the ice without a helmet, and you shouldn’t play without a baseline concussion test either.” Keith Primeau, former captain of the Philadelphia Flyers.[/quote]