Concussions in Pro Sports Getting More Attention

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Following the suicide death of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson, more attention is being paid to concussions in professional sports.
Duerson requested that his brain be examined and the examination found he had suffered brain trauma from his playing time in the NFL.
Dr. Todd Arnold with the Athletes Concussion Network of Indiana says the spotlight is now being shined on head injuries.
“And how we manage them in the clinic and how we return athletes safely back to play and the rules and what we teach at the youngest age, like USA Football is here in Indianapolis and they try to educate their coaches about how we play the game and how we tackle and how we hit,” Arnold says.
Arnold says some research shows that the biggest problems come from multiple undiagnosed injuries from smaller hits and not from big “highlight reel” hits.
Dr. Dan Kraft with Riley Hospital for Children Sports Medicine says it’s unknown if people who are predisposed to concussions are also predisposed to the same kind of behavior as Duerson.