Concussions: Dealing with the After Facts

Dave.Ferguson Dave Ferguson

The medical world tells us that the majority of concussion symptoms are gone within two or three weeks. But what about those that are beyond the majority and deal with post concussion symptoms for days, years or the perhaps the rest of their lives?

Concussions are completely different than other injuries. When you injure your knee, arm or collarbone there is a typical recovery time that is gauged by how you feel and by your ability to return to normal activity. Most injuries require rest or immobilization of the broken or fractured limb. However some activity may still be possible with limitations.

With concussions it is estimated that 80% to 90% heal in about three weeks. There are no crutches, splints or ice packs that can speed the healing process for a concussed individual other than complete rest.

Concussions are an invisible injury unlike any other. If the concussed victim returns to school, play or work too early, the healing process can be severely disrupted or delayed. It would be like trying to run on an injured knee.

Symptoms of concussion can be broken down into four aspects:

  • Physical problems such as headaches and blurred vision, being tired, light and noise sensitivity;
  • Thinking problems such as being mentally foggy or slowed down, memory loss or problems with concentration;
  • Emotional problems like feeling sad or less in control of your emotions;
  • Sleep issues where you may feel drowsy or more tired or even the reverse.

Ten to 20 percent of concussed individuals deal with long-term post concussion syndrome (PCS) and symptoms usually differ for each person. Some will not be able to resume the tasks they did before and concussion symptoms may resume with certain activities. Others have to change their entire routine and avoid situations where light and noise sensitivity can trigger symptoms to reoccur. For these individuals a concussion is a life-altering injury and it can become a challenge to avoid repeated symptoms.

Wendy ClawseyΒ suffers from post concussion syndrome. She is unable to completely escape the effects of her concussion that happened on the ski slopes nearly 6 years ago. There are many others, like her, who continue to suffer.

Wendy has authored a book called, β€œConcussion” to share her invisible illness and the long process of fighting her way back to full recovery.

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