Concussions App

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The Concussion App from SportSafety Labs LLC is a free smartphone-based application that provides a convenient educational tool for parents, coaches and doctors of youth sports participants. It contains information on how to recognize a concussion in a convenient, portable format for use at sporting events.

The App also includes useful emergency functions to call an ambulance via 911, to locate the nearest hospital with driving directions, and to send your location coordinates via email to emergency contacts and rescue personnel.

An optional concussion diagnostic module, available via in-app purchase, utilizes scientifically validated objective tests to evaluate the physiological and neurocognitive status of pre-concussion (baseline) and post-concussion (injured) athletes. The standardized presentation of the report and its data can be emailed from your smartphone to your physician to support their diagnostic interpretation of your condition. Physician’s post-injury reports may be forwarded via email from your smartphone to your club or league if you choose to do so for rapid documentation and approval for return-to-play status.

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