Concussion by Sport (revisited five years later)

Dustin.Fink Dustin Fink

This was another very early post of this blog back in 2010, September to be exact. As you can tell I was very green to the whole linking of articles and writing. However, this is an important article regarding concussion statistics by sport from five years ago. I would be interesting to do a follow-up to this with what we know now. Looking back at my observations have not changed much in the five years, I may move wrestling above cheerleading but that is about all.


Concussions are not exclusive to American football, although it is the most covered sport as it relates to concussions.Β  This is a good time to note that in the United States the next most concussive sport, is soccer, the number one sport in the world.

A reasearch project by University of North Carolina reported concussion rates by 100,000 athlete-exposuresΒ and separated it into sports here is what the list showed;

  1. Football
  2. Boys Soccer
  3. Girls Basketball
  4. Girls Track
  5. Girls Soccer
  6. Baseball
  7. Softball
  8. Boys Track
  9. Boys Basketball
  10. Wrestling
  11. Cheerleading

Although I would never disagree with subjective stats and a solid research project, empirically this is not the trend we see at the high school level.

Purely on experience and ad hoc observations it would be more like this;

  1. Football
  2. Girls Soccer
  3. Boys Soccer
  4. Girls Basketball
  5. Cheerleading/Gymnastics
  6. Wrestling
  7. Boys Basketball
  8. Baseball
  9. Softball
  10. Boys Track
  11. Girls Track

The moral of the post would be no matter what sport you are associated with concussions are a real danger.Β  But don’t limit your expectations to just sport.Β  When kids are fooling around in the backyard and β€œbump” their head you may need to remember all this information.