Baseline Testing

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Baseline Testing

Though education is the number one priority when dealing with concussions, both Keith and I feel it important that you as a coach, trainer and/or parent have your athletes/children baseline tested. There has been some controversy about this area of management but after tremendous review and talking with top neurologists from around North America, we have determined that it is better to have something for the doctor to look at when it comes to the human brain then nothing. Some neurologist suggest a 6 hour neurological screening but we have to be realist when it comes to our medical system, we do not have enough qualified doctors nor the financial resources available to us to tax our health care. The cognitive testing we have now is the best (not perfect) alternative and is a measuring stick for doctors when seeing new patients with brain injuries.

In our present state we all want the instant fix but unfortunately when it comes to the brain there isn’t one. So we need to use all the tools in the toolbox to help management concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

What is it?

A baseline test is an evaluation that is taken before any concussion, activity or treatment has occurred.  Baseline testing data is valuable in determining the athletes’ pre-injury (normal) level of cognitive
functioning, and then-should an injury occur, post-injury level of cognitive functioning can be taken.   It is a tool in our toolbox in which we feel is an effective concussion management program because it measures what we can’t see – cognitive (brain) function. Baseline information can also then be gathered after an athlete has completely recovered from the symptoms of a concussion to establish a new baseline level of cognitive functioning.

Why it’s important?

Baseline or pre-season evaluation is an essential part of the concussion management process. It can help medical staff evaluate a concussion thereby able to develop a specific treatment plan for recovery. It allows the athlete to safely return to play safer; in giving, parents, coaches, trainers, and the athlete themselves comfort that they have returned to the previous level of performance and are symptom free before returning to play.

What is doing?

Through our mandate to educate and create awareness surrounding concussions, we have done our
research and have teamed up with organizations designed to help you through the detection and management of a concussion.

Email for a organization near you.