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One of the smartest sports safety products available today.

The Impact Indicator takes sports safety to an historic new level. Small in size but big in benefit, it measures the force and duration of a hit to a player’s helmet. Instantly, players and coaches can know when or if a possible head injury is detected. Once alerted, a coach can get the player to the sideline for evaluation maximizing treatment, recovery and preventing further injury.

On every play, in every game and in every practice, the Impact Indicator will be there to measure the force of a hit to help identify possible head injury.

You can’t know just by looking. Not every concussion causes a player to lose his or her ability to walk, talk or answer a question. It’s common too, for players to hide concussion symptoms to keep playing.

Play hard and play safe at the same time.

The Impact Indicator chin strap was designed to make contact sports safer for all those who play it. In a day of increasingly bigger, faster players and increasingly bigger hits, the Impact Indicator is an easy and economical tool to help lower the risks of long-term damage by detecting high impact hits. Once detected, a player can be assessed quickly, decreasing the chance of an additional concussion or head injury. Using cutting-edge technology, the Impact Indicator utilizes patent-pending micro sensor and software technology to measure and calculate the force and duration of a hit to a player’s helmet. In the heat of a game when fast decisions are required and in practices when a coach’s attention is divided amongst multiple  players and drills, the impact Indicator measures contact at Head Injury Criterion (HIC) levels – the highest and most accepted standard for measuring the likelihood of head injury from an impact. If the Impact Indicator measures a hit sustained at a certain HIC level, an LED light alerts coaches and referees to the possible injury. Coaches and trainers can immediately get a player off the field and into the hands of physicians and trainers who can accurately assess whether a concussion has occurred and treat its symptoms.

Impact Indicator Warranty Card – Download PDF

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