A “Pat” For Kane by Momma Gouche

kerry Kerry Goulet

Goals by Patrick Kane in the first and second .. backed by Jonathon Toews … proved to be enough for the Chicago Blackhawks to take a 3-2 lead in the Stanley Cup playoffs Saturday night. The concern about Corey Crawford’s glove hand didn’t come into play, as Corey aptly swept aside 24 of the 25 shots aimed at him. Injured Jonathon Toews sat on the bench in the third, begging coach, Joel Quenneville, to give him a shift. Quenneville ignored him. Patrice Bergeron was taken to hospital by ambulance, with an unannounced injury. The game was rough. Not ever having been a fan of the Boston Bruins (the Bad Boys from Boston), I naturally blame it all on the Bruins. However, the Hawks got in a few licks. Patrick Kane, Corey Crawford and Bryan Bickell took all three stars. I’m hoping for a game of skill on Monday night, with my prediction of  the Chicago Black Hawks in 6, coming to fruition. Go Hawks …Go!

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